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Scotiabank Ultimate Package Chequing and $45 rebate from FinlyWealth

Scotiabank Ultimate Package Chequing
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*Conditions apply. Read more on Scotiabank's website. For first time account holders only. To learn more about this product and its terms & conditions, visit here.

The offer is only valid when you sign in and click the links provided on our website.

It can take anywhere between a day to a week for us to receive the status of your application. Once we confirm your approval, you will receive a cash payment of $45 via interac e-transfer to an email of your choice. Receiving payment can take anywhere between 3-6 weeks from the approval date depending on the merchant. However, on average the approval process happens faster and so you may expect to receive your payment sooner!

That's $45 more in your wallet!

Make sure your information is correctly submitted, otherwise delays and other issues may occur.

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